Professionalism/Ethics Series: Recognizing Incivility and Techniques for Improving Attorney Civility In and Out of the Courtroom

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Recognizing incivility and techniques for improving attorney civility in and out of the courtroom. This seminar provides an in-depth examination of the skill set necessary to recognize aggressiveness that has improperly replaced advocacy in the legal practice. The present program is designed provide the following learning objectives: Participants will learn to recognize aggressiveness improperly replacing advocacy. Participants will learn to reduce incivility in the legal profession Participants will learn to recognize words, actions and situations that increase incivility Participants will learn to how to engage in uncomfortable or difficult conversations with new skill sets including conflict identification, reframing/rewording the issue, changing the paradigm by recasting the conflict and the use of avoidance. Participants will learn how to defuse highly charged situations in order to engage in substantive discourse on topics of dispute. Participant will gain new skill sets including tools for collaboration, working with their peers, ethically serving their clients, and increase awareness of how other perceive their aggressiveness. Participants will learn about state supported programs designed to foster civility in the legal profession.


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