Social Media at the Workplace: Impact on Human Resources & Labor & Employment Law

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What’s “social media?” • It’s also called electronic media, e-media, social networking & online networking. • It’s simply e-communication. Still predominantly via internet. • It doesn’t matter whether it’s done via email, texting, LinkedIn, Facebook, chat rooms, Skype or Google Talk. • The terminology & methods change so quickly that terms that were popular a few years ago such as instant messaging, internet 2.0 & chat rooms are now obsolete. Remember AOL, MySpace or Ryze? • Although the modes of communication & the lingo may change, the basic component of social media is communication via internet. • These communications can be recorded or published. • Some theorize that whether our communications are intentionally recorded or not, or whether they exist forever. Does this matter? Is someone eavesdropping or listening? (rhetorical question because we know the answer to both questions is yes.). • What happens to social media if internet or some other product is no longer the in vogue method of communication? • For our purposes, social media is just the name given to this mode of communication. It can & will change, but it seems that it will always be electronic & it will always exist.


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