2023 Illinois 30-Hour Online CLE Package $148 with Professionalism/Ethics including Diversity and Mental Health

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This 2023 Illinois 30-Hour Online CLE Package with Professionalism/Ethics Credit | Instant Certificate includes 30 hours general and Ethics credits including required mental health/substance abuse courses and Diversity/Bias courses. This package when totally completed will satisfy the full 30-hour Illinois MCLE requirement, including the 6-hours of professionalism/ethics with 1-hour of diversity, and 1-hour of mental health/substance abuse, for the 2023 reporting period ending June 30, 2023. Attorneys that have previously purchased or used any of the courses listed below to meet the reporting period ending 6/30/2021 requirement, may not use those courses toward the June 30, 2023 CLE requirement.

Courses in Package

Professionalism/Ethics: The Attorney-Client Privilege: Maintaining Client Confidences and the Secrets You Must Keep
Defend Trade Secrets Act, Updated Judicial Decisions, and U.S. Supreme Court Intellectual Property Cases for the 2020-2021 Term
Avoiding Ethical Dilemmas: The Model Rules of Professional Conduct and Emerging Technological Issues
Top 5 Legal Changes Covid-19 Has Made to the Workplace
Enabling and Enhancing the Diversity in Your Law Firm: How to Meet Client and Personnel Expectations of Diversity in a Law Firm
Recent Developments In Biomedical IP Law Part I: Patent Applications From Inventorship To Obviousness
Law Enforcement Misconduct Civil Rights Litigation: A Bird’s-Eye View
Criminal Evidence Basics: Hearsay & Exceptions
The Commercial General Liability Policy: An Examination of The Grant of Coverage, Policy Exclusions and The Insurer's Duty to Defend Its Insured
The Supreme Court: A Look Back at the 2020 and 2021 Terms and a Look Ahead to the Current Term 2022
Recent Developments In Biomedical IP Law Part II: Patent Applications From Claim Construction To The Doctrine Of Equivalents
Professionalism/Ethics Series: Attorney Wellbeing: Confronting Professional and Ethical Problems Caused by Alcohol and Substance Abuse
Ransomware & BEC Advising Clients Pre-Breach, During an Incident, and Post-Incident
The Legal Effects of The Covid Congressional Relief Bills and Federal Agency Mandates on The Real Estate Market
Criminal Evidence: Fourth Amendment Issues
Food for Thought: Identify and Interrupt Implicit Bias from BBQ to the Boardroom for a More Diverse Legal Profession
It's Not the Job that Makes You Crazy - Well Maybe It Is
Offers in Compromise, Installment Agreements & Other IRS Collection Resolutions
The Art and Science of Mediation
1031 Exchanges: The Basics and Beyond
Driver's Licenses: Everything You Need to Know About DUIs/Serious Traffic Offenses and How They Affect a Client's Illinois Drivers License
Legal and Ethical Issues Arising With An Insurance Company’s Preservation of Its Coverage Position Through A Reservation Of Rights Letter
Litigating a Products Liability Personal Injury Case a Plaintiff’s Perspective
Secrets of Negotiating Retirement Plan Divisions in Divorce
Illinois Driver's License Issues as They Relate to a Client's Immigration Status
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Ethics/Professionalism Hours
Intellectual Property Hours
Employment Law Hours
Ethics/Professionalism - Diversity Hours
Tort Hours
Criminal Law Hours
Commerical/Consumer Law Hours
Constitutional Law Hours
Government Law Hours
Ethics/Professionalism - Mental Health Hours
Business and Corporation Hours
Real Property Hours
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