2017 Illinois 30-hour CLE package with 6 hours of professionalism and ethics.

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The 2017 30-Hour CLE package provides you with a total of 30 CLE hours; including 6 hours of Professionalism/Ethics. This package is for the reporting period ending June 30, 2017. The package includes 30 hours. Attorneys that have previously purchased or used any of the courses listed below to meet last year’s requirement, may not use these course toward the June 30, 2017 CLE requirement. This package satisfies the full 30 hour Illinois MCLE requirement, including the 6 hours of professionalism, for the 2017 reporting period ending June 30, 2017. This package satisfies the full 30 hour MCLE requirement, including the 6 hours of professionalism, for the 2017 reporting period ending June 30, 2017.

Courses in Package

Preliminary Injunctions
Analysis of State and Federal Anti Discrimination Laws
Nuts and Bolts of Social Security Disability Representation
Professionalism/Ethics Series: How to Uncrazy Your Client
Construction Litigation 101 Causes of Action
Animal Law-Replevin
Litigation When the Real Estate Deal Goes Bad
Fiduciary Litigation
Creating Effective Marital Settlement Agreements in Divorce Cases
Administrative Hearings: Fair Processes that Courts Love
Digital Rights Management: Digital Rights and the Control of Digital Content and Devices
Claims Under the Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Update
Apex Jurist Skills: Supreme Court Rule 213 (f)(3) Depositions
Animal Law-Defending Animal Bites
Risk Exposure for Businesses and Insurance Coverage Available for Cyber Liability
Don't Leave Money on the Table: Prejudgment Interest
Professionalism/Ethics: The Scope of the Attorney Client Privilege - Landmines, Waiver and Destruction of the Privilege
Effective Appellate Advocacy
Self-Insured Retention Endorsement
Professionalism/Ethics Series: Using Requests For Proposals for Law Firm Services
Intellectual Property Rights: Non-Analogous Art and other ”non-Obvious” Obviousness Arguments
Juvenile and Sex Offender Law Update
Private Enforcement of Individual Constitutional Rights
Federal Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud and Honest Services Fraud
Professionalism/Ethics Series: Ethical Issues Arising While Conducting Discovery in 42 U.S.C. 1983 Cases
Professionalism/Ethics Series: Ethical Considerations in Global Supply Chain Development
Professionalism/Ethics Series: Recognizing Incivility and Techniques for Improving Attorney Civility In and Out of the Courtroom
Total Hours
Preliminary Injunctions Hours
Anti-Discrimination Laws Hours
Disability & Social Security Hours
Attorney Client Management Hours
Ethics and Professionalism Hours
Litigation Hours
Animal Law Hours
Real Estate Hours
Family Hours
Technology Hours
Labor & Employment Hours
Jurist Skills Hours
Prejudgment Interest Hours
Appellate Advocacy Hours
Self-Insured Retention Endorsement Hours
Intellectual Property Hours
Juvenile Law Hours
Individual Constitutional Rights Hours
Mail Wire Fraud Hours