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Rules and Codes

Illinois Supreme Court:

Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct:

Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct at Cornell:

Code of Judicial Conduct:

Rules of the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission:

Rules of the Board of Admission to the Bar and Committees on Character and Fitness:

ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct (1983):

ABA Model Code of Professional Responsibility (1969):

1908 Canons of Professional Ethics (last amended in 1963):

Annotated Code of Professional Responsibility (1979), American Bar Association.

Annotated Model Rules of Professional Conduct (3d ed. 1996), American Bar Association:

Additional Websites

American Legal Ethics Library, Cornell Law School:

Cornell Legal Information Institute:

ABA Center for Professional Responsibility:

The Bar Examiner, National Conference of Bar Examiners, Chicago IL.

Lawyers’ Liability Review:

Professional Liability Reporter:


Internet Legal Services:

Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics, Georgetown University:

Journal of Law and Religion Hamline, University School of Law:

Journal of the Legal Profession, University of Alabama School of Law:

Online Journal of Ethics, University of St. Thomas:

New York Legal Ethics:

Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers:

Legal Ethics Forum:

Websites in Illinois

The MCLE Board:

The Commission on Professionalism:

The Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission:

Illinois Lawyers’ Assistance Program, Inc:

The Judicial Inquiry Board:

The Lawyers Trust Fund of Illinois:

Articles, Books, Digests or Manuals

ISBA/CBA Joint Committee Report on Ethics 2000:

CBA Young Lawyers Professional Responsibility Guide:

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ABA/BNA Lawyers Manual on Professional Conduct, The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc., 1984 and Supplements.

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