Frequently Asked Questions

1. Login at 2. Click "My Account." 3. View purchased courses at “My Courses.” 4. Immediately generate and complete your "Certificate of Attendance."
After a program is purchased visit “My Courses” under "My Account." Make sure you are not trying to view the programs in your shopping cart or in “Orders”.
No. There are no hidden fees and no additional charges of any nature.
ApexCLE is required to report attendance to most states within 30 days from the completion of a course. Typically, we report on a weekly basis, but not later than the 5th day of the following month. Check with your state of registration to determine whether your state is self-reporting or sponsor reporting. Be sure to maintain your certificate of attendance should any questions arise.
1. View purchased CLE program videos and written materials by clicking “My Courses” 2. View purchase history by clicking “Orders” 3. View and print “Certificate of Attendance” by clicking “Certificates” 4. Edit your personal information by clicking “Edit Profile”
ApexCLE is accredited in most states. For a complete list of courses accredited in each state, select the “state" filter on the "Courses" page. Also see our State CLE Info page at
This problem may occur if the Adobe PDF viewer is an older version. Please update your Adobe Reader here: Please also be aware that Adobe offers free software, scan or toolbars with this download and UNCHECK the Free offer if you do not want the offer.
Once logged in to your account, click on the "My Account" drop down menu in the top right corner of the homepage and select "My Courses". All of your certificates are available in your account and can be printed out at any time.
Course time limits depend on your state MCLE requirements. Some states require “no fast-forwarding”, some states require acknowledge that the learner is watching the video. All videos can be watched unlimited number of times, all video are stored in your account until their expiration date. After the expiration date of the course, your account will state that the problem is "Program Not Available." Please see the FAQ for courses stating "Program Not Available" for more information.
Click the “Certificate” link under “Certificates” tab in “My Account.” The Certificate of Attendance will open as an Adobe PDF document in a new window. The certificate can then be printed, downloaded, or emailed.
We regularly change courses in our packages and continually review courses in our packages in order to offer a variety of engaging programs and to be sure to offer current topics of interest. If a package states that it satisfies a particular year's CLE requirement, it continues to satisfy that year's requirement even if we no longer offer the package.
Professional Responsibility CLE Approval The MCLE Board handles all aspects of CLE except the approval of the content of courses or activities in the area of professional responsibility. Once the MCLE Board has either accredited a provider or an individual course, any course or course segment offered to fulfill the professional responsibility requirement must receive substantive approval from the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism (Commission). ApexCLE must submit an application for professionalism credit to the Professionalism Commission in order for a program to be approved for professionalism credit. After review and approval of the content, the Commission will forward its determination to the provider and to the MCLE Board.
After viewing a course a “Print Certificate” button will appear under the course video. This leads to a printable and downloadable certificate. The printed date on your certificate represents the date of purchase. Certificates may also be found under the “Certificates” tab in “My Account.” To comply with ARDC, you must sign and date the certificate after completing the CLE course. The signed and dated certificate represents the date you completed the course.
In order for you to properly obtain credit for the CLE course, we must provide your state with your registration number. Many jurisdictions now require us to report attendance and include the attorney's registration number. We collect the number in order for you to properly obtain CLE credit in your state.
Yes, please contact our office for more information.
A video that stop, exit or restart at the beginning indicate an issue with connecting to our website. This can be due to your internet connection, Wi-Fi or excessive users on your internet connection. Please try the following steps: 1. Log out of your account on all devices. If you are logged in with multiple devices, the system will may not record your last known location. Log in on only one device at a time. 2. Watch the course in only one internet window (browser window) at a time. If you try to watch the same course or multiple courses in more than one window, the system will may not record your last known location. Log in on only one device at a time. 3. Test your internet connection speed. Go to and test your connection speed. Your speed should be 5 Mbps or higher. If it is too low or the connection has intermittent outage, you will need to use a different internet connection. Try connecting via a wired internet connection; different wireless network, a cellular network or another location. 4. Restart your W-Fi connection. Turn off your device, unplug or restart your internet modem and router (if it's a separate device) and turn it back on. Then turn your device back on.
Many jurisdictions now require us to report attendance and include the attorney's registration number. We collect the number in order for you to properly obtain CLE credit in your state. If we do not have your correct attorney registration number, you will not be able to receive credit for the course.
Not a problem just follow the prompts on the login site and a new password prompt will automatically be sent to you. If you have any problems, please contact our office and we are happy to help!
To access your programs, go to and click "Login," located in the top right corner. Then enter your email address and password you created when you first signed up and click sign in. The "Login" tab will be replaced with "My Account" in the upper right hand corner of every page. When you click "My Account" a drop down menu with "My Courses", "Orders", "Certificates", "Edit Profile" appears. To view your purchased courses click "My Courses" and then select the course you want to watch. To view and print your certificates, click the "Certificates" tab and then click the "Certificate" link on the course you want a certificate from. Sometimes, a viewer will inadvertently click on the list of courses available for purchase instead of looking under "My Account". Please be sure to look under "My Account" in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
A full refund is available if it is requested within 60 days and before we report your attendance to your state. We usually report attendance within the first five days after the month you complete the course. No refunds are available after you have received credit for the course, after a certificate is issued or after we have reported your attendance to your state board.
For information on reporting your Illinois CLE compliance or how ApexCLE reports your CLE credit, please review your state's CLE page on You can find your state's CLE page on our Continuing Legal Education Information by State Page located at the top of our website or at
ApexCLE upgraded its website in 2015 and all of your previous CLE certificates have been archived. Please contact us for copies of your CLE certificates.
YES! All CLE courses can be watched on any mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer. The best browser is Google Chrome. The ApexCLE website is completely responsive, meaning all devices will adjust the screen for the best viewing.
A Certificate of Attendance will remain available in "My Account" for three years.
No, the Illinois 30 hour CLE package does not satisfy the Illinois 15 hour Basic Skills requirement for new attorneys. This requirement must be completed by the last day of the month that occurs one year after the newly-admitted attorney’s admission to practice in Illinois. (S. Ct. Rule 793(b)). Within 31 days after the end of your reporting period you must certify your compliance to the MCLE Board. (S. Ct. Rule 796(a)). The newly-admitted attorney’s initial 30 hour/two-year reporting period begins, following the deadline to complete the newly-admitted attorney requirement o n the next July 1 of an even-numbered year for lawyers whose last names begin with a letter A through M or on the next July 1 of an odd-numbered year for lawyers whose last names begin with a letter N through Z (S. Ct. Rule 793(e)).
Yes, the video should remember when you left off at, but if it does not try this: 1. Reopen the program by clicking on take this course, exactly what you did to watch it the first time. 2. Once the video has loaded, click and hold on the blue scroll bar that lines the bottom of the video, and drag the bar to where you last left off.
If you are over in your CLE hours, you may be able to carry over a certain amount of hours for your nest reporting period. Please check our state pages or your state board's website for more information on how many hours you may carry over.
Every state sets a limited amount of time that programs may be used to obtain credit. We are required to remove programs when they expire. We create packages of programs that do not expire until after the reporting deadline stated in the package. After the reporting period or expiration date, the program is no longer available to earn credit. In some situations, we can exchange a similar program for an expired program if you are reporting credit for the reporting period in which you purchased the program and you have not yet obtained a certificate of attendance for the course. Please contact us for an exchange. No exchange is available for a course purchased in one reporting period and intended to be used for a future reporting period.
If your state permits the viewing of Ethics/Professionalism hours online, our packages will include the necessary hours. Each package clearly states whether or not it statisfies the Ethics/Professionalism requirements and how many hours that includes.
Since ApexCLE is a web-based platform, you can access your account anywhere, anytime. You can update your profile and customer account, add your attorney registration number and address in the “My Account” located in the upper right corner and “Edit Profile” on the drop- down menu. Remember to press save.
No, ApexCLE videos are not available for download, they are only available to be streamed on
Yes, because most states require an interactive overlay, we include them in all of our videos. You will have to click on “yes, I’m still watching” buttons at various times throughout the video (approximately every 20 minutes), and you will have three minutes to click before the video pauses. If you fail to click on the pop-up, your video completion status will be paused at that point in the video until you indicate that you are still watching. You will not be able to receive credit for a program, if you have not clicked on these interactive overlays.