Professionalism/Ethics Series: Avoiding Professional and Ethical Problems Caused by Alcohol and Substance Abuse

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This course discusses various impairments identified for lawyers caused by stress and the legal profession. This program presents a view of the life of a typical “Big City” firm lawyer and the rising percentage of impairments identified for lawyers. Stress causes lawyers to turn to substance abuse and they can even suffer mental illness or other disorders. The program discusses the attorney discipline process relating to alcohol and substance abuse and examines alternative and diversion programs in various states. This program examines the work/life balance which has lawyers spending little time for themselves, their families and their social activities. It examines how to have a career and a life and what is work/life balance? Why is work/life balance so important? How do I achieve this balance? The conclusion is to set guidelines for a path of balance that will benefit your life and your career knowing that careers last for decades and that work/life balance is not always possible. This course is approved in Illinois for Professionalism in Mental Health and Substance Abuse.


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