Analysis of Recent U.S. Supreme Court Intellectual Property Decisions from Copyrights and Patents to Civil Liability and Attorney Fees

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II. U.S. Supreme Court cases and issues reviewed A. Application of issue preclusion and res judicata in trademark infringement litigation; B. Copyright eligibility for software; C. Statutory interpretation regarding whether there is a willful requirement for an award of trademark infringement profits; D Proper characterization of generic vs. descriptive marks when an asserted mark is a combination of two generic terms; E. Whether state sovereign immunity is a defense to disputed copyright infringement of a private work; F. Whether the patent office is entitled to an award of attorney fees pursuant to a 35 U.S.C. section 145 proceeding; G. Whether a party is civilly liable for trademark infringement of a licensor's mark outside the United States; H. Whether the inter parte review statute authorizes judicial review of the timeliness of the submission of the initial statutory petition.


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