Professionalism/Ethics Series: Ethical Litigation: A Ten-Step Litigation Plan for the Ethical Defense of a Tort Suit from the Claims Adjuster Perspective

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This course begins with discussing Insurance Adjusting Over the Past 30 Years. The program explores the ethical defense of a tort claim using a ten step process. The presenter discusses determining insurance coverage and any necessary reservation of rights; good faith and fair dealing; contacting non-employee witnesses promptly and obtaining statements and inspecting and photographing the scene of the tort. Participants will learn how to proceed with ethically interviewing the claimant and obtaining a recorded statement; determining liability based upon the facts; deciding whether to deny or accept the claim; ethical settlement offers and working with the claimant’s lawyer and ethical communications. The course explores claims handler and defense counsel working as a team and reviewing how you handled the claim and preparing an after action analysis or report while adopting a proactive aggressive approach to investigation and defense.


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