Education Law: The Law and School Reform, an Analysis of Education Law from Student Rights to Parent Organizations

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This course introduces how to apply state and federal law to achieve desired reforms of school systems. The Open Meetings Act and FOIA can be understood to strengthen the position of a community that seeks to advance reforms. This course analyzes how to use such statutes to demand good government and proper administration of school districts. Illinois Senate Bill 100 was passed to prevent ongoing exclusion of students from classrooms. The lack of implementation guidelines and funding of that statute need not prevent school districts from reaping the benefits. This course demonstrates a multi-tiered approach to enforcement of the law and protection of the rights of students. Dress codes and searches are discussed in school handbooks. This course addresses how routinely gender disparities appear in rules regarding attire and how the Fourth Amendment is ignored in discussions of student rights. Lawyers who represent school boards are bound in ways to the school boards that seem to defy ethics. This course addresses the complicated nature of the fiduciary duty of general counsel to a school board and what this means for students without representation.


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