Illinois Driver's License Issues as They Relate to a Client's Immigration Status

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This course will cover the common problems associated with an undocumented immigrant applying for a Tourist Visa Driver’s License (TVDL) in the State of Illinois. It will discuss not only the procedure a person has to go through to obtain a TVDL but some of the problems a client may encounter when applying. It will indicate what those problems may be and the best way to handle them if they do arise. The purpose of this course is to help you effectively and efficiently guide your client through the process while being able to identify the problems that may arise and how to handle them. This course provides an intellectual foundation and introduces a set of learning skills essential for success in the legal profession and for life beyond. The course will provide opportunities for careful reading, for creative and critical thinking, for oral and written communication, and for engaging with others in a shared conversation about stimulating material.


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