Driver's Licenses: Everything You Need to Know About DUIs/Serious Traffic Offenses and How They Affect a Client's Illinois Drivers License

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This course will guide you through the maze of issues and problems that result from your client’s DUIs and/or other serious driving offenses and the effect it has on your client’s Illinois Driver’s License (DL). Illinois is one of the more difficult states when it comes to these issues. It is not only difficult to figure out what exactly will happen with your client’s Illinois DL after a DUI or serious traffic offense but what to do to help them regain their driving privileges. This course will first discuss the potential suspensions and/or revocations of your client’s DL based on their driving history. It will then cover many different fact scenarios that will help you determine the ramifications of the current offense your client has on their Illinois DL. The course will then discuss the options that your client has to regain the driving privilege after it has been lost and briefly discuss the process used to regain those privileges. This course will also address some issues that come up when an Illinois Driver's License holder gets a DUI in another state.


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