Ransomware & BEC Advising Clients Pre-Breach, During an Incident, and Post-Incident

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In this course, you will learn: • What is Ransomware and Business Email Compromise (BEC) • The primary reasons why Ransomware and BEC events occur, and how to counsel your clients pre-incident. • What actually happens in the course of a Ransomware event, or BEC event, and how to counsel your clients in the course of an incident. • The common consequences of an incident, and how to counsel your clients post-incident. • How to further mitigate risk by insuring against loss. This course is not theoretical. It is based on actual, hands-on case experience with Ransomware and Business Email Compromises, ransom amounts that range up to about $9 Million USD, that affected a wide range of industries, and that resulted in regulatory and governmental investigations. There is no technical mumbo-jumbo. Concepts are explained in a way that most non-technical attorneys will be able to understand the substance of the lecture. Target Audience This CLE is excellent for attorneys that are either 1) completely new to Ransomware, Business Email Compromise, and Data Privacy issues, as well as attorneys that are 2) familiar with related concepts and issues, but want to understand how Business Operations, Technology, and the Law fit together. No technology experience and no business experience is required.


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