Legal and Ethical Issues Arising With An Insurance Company's Preservation of its Coverage Position Through a Reservation of Rights Letter

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This course provides an in-depth examination of the construction and use of reservation of rights letters to preserve an insurance coverage position. The relationship between an insurance company, its insurance coverage counsel and the insured and its defense counsel creates a multitude of legal and ethical relationships. In the multiverse of insurance coverage law, there can be conflicts of interest between the insurance company and the insured, defense counsel and the insured and defense counsel and the insurance company. This course identifies how to recognize the requirements of a reservation of rights letter and how to recognize signs of deficient reservation of rights letters. The course examines the growth of the non-waiver agreement, recognizing components of a reservation of rights letter and the construction of reservation of rights letters together with the use of independent counsel when a conflict of interest arises. The course examines how to address multiple policies, multiple suits and avoid estoppel and related coverage defenses. The course examines insurance coverage investigation and defense fee issues such as defense fee reimbursement.


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