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New 2020 Oregon CLE Package 

Jul 21, 2019

Get a head start on your January 31st deadline with our complete 15-hour package that includes the 2.5 hours of ethics/professionalism for only $98. You can buy our hassle-free, online CLE today and get your hours done within the comfort of your own home. 

The courses featured in this package are:

Understanding Public Construction Surety Bonds

Understanding the Difference Between Tax Deductible Business Losses and Non-Deductible Hobby Losses

Professionalism/Ethics Series: Interviewing an Adversary's Former Employees: The Ax to Grind and the Ax to Avoid

Understanding Transnational Construction Contracts

Professionalism/Ethics Series: Mediation for Lawyers

Professionalism/Ethics Series: The Scope of the Attorney Client Privilege - Landmines, Waiver and Destruction of the Privilege

ABCs of Technology: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cyber

Professionalism/Ethics Series: Recognizing Incivility and Techniques for Improving Attorney Civility In and Out of the Courtroom

Understanding Public Private Partnership Construction

Discharging Federal Taxes in Bankruptcy

Avoiding and, If Necessary, Defending Information Technology Disputes

Advance Planning in Litigation

Judicially Created Exceptions to Free Expression